Renee Carlino, Sweet Thing


Renee Carlino, Sweet Thing

I'm tired of living in the past.

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asked by anonymous | killian + smiling

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make me choose → anonymous asked peter pan or zelena ?

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Anonymous asked Merdia’s hair VS Pocahontas’s hair 

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make me choose: emma in leather jackets or beanies? from anonymous

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"Such a change! In one moment such a change! From perfect misery to perfect happiness!”

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when i write
i either take 5 seconds to come up with 3 pages or i take 6 hours to just get the first sentence feeling right
there is no in between

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Promise? Promise.

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3x17 | 3x12

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Walsh is very passionate about his assignment as backup singer.


Idea from: my-broken-resolve
Immediately thereby requested by: Geekalogian
Putting Zelena’s face to the song: allons-youwish
And stkaley also did a comic on the same subject

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